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Anahit Business-Research Team consisting of professional specialists, engineers, designers and merchants, that supplies, manufactures, processes and exports all salt products such as salt bricks and blocks, salt lampshades, edible salts, industrial salts and other salt products under the AnaHit brand from Iran’s rich salt mines and resources.

Salt therapy or halo therapy is a well-known method for complementary treatment of some diseases in the world and is used in many countries. Iran is a very strange land that has valuable, unique and very diverse salt reserves in its heart. There are different salt deposits in Iran in different forms such as salt mines, salt fountains, salt plains, salt lakes, salt hills, etc., each of which has different properties from the other.

Salt is used in many different ways in many fields and has various applications. Iran’s largest salt hub is located in the heart of Iran, Semnan province, which is a huge salt reservoir of about three hundred square kilometers of salt storage with unknown depth; These huge salt deposits are in the form of very high salt mines, some of which sometimes reach a height of fifty meters; When man enters these mines, it is as if he were a drop in a vast ocean. This region has rich sources of industrial salt and table salt, some of which are unique in the world. Usually, the salts in the region of edible salts are very high purity and some of them with a purity of over 99% are used in the serum industry.

This region also has huge resources of industrial salts that are very dense and can be used in the construction of salt structures in the form of salt blocks. The density is such that in the factory, they can withstand cutting blades and do not crumble under it. The electrostatic and brittle structure of sodium chloride present in salt sedimentary mines is very different from the structure of other rocks such as granite, marble and travertine which have a covalent structure and has the potential to disintegrate.

In particular, salt (due to the imbalance of density in different layers of the mine) can never be extracted from the mines by wire cutting machines, but is extracted by explosive operations, and salt rocks before being transferred from the mines to the factories, They have a lot of cracks in them from the very beginning. Therefore, higher densities of salt rocks make them more suitable for building salt blocks. Finding dense sources of salt requires continuous mining, as well as full knowledge of the area and, of course, benefiting from the valuable experiences of miners.

Anahit Business-Research Company:

Anahit Business-Research Company is an expert group consisting of engineers and professional specialists in Iran. They have direct access to all Iranian salt sources and reserves in the field of supplying industrial salts and various types of table salts; they also specialize in supplying salt blocks and fabricating salt structures for salt therapy. Also, if the market needs, they have expertise and skills in designing and manufacturing specialized equipment for salt treatment, and it is very pioneering in this field compared to others. It has also established an official and legal office for currency transfers in Istanbul (Turkey) due to restrictions on bank transfers due to sanctions on Iranian banks; the commercial representative of this high-ranking engineering complex is named Mr. Lotfi; he lives in Hamburg and always have a variety of samples of table salt with them.


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