Supply of Salt Lampshades

Despite its name, salt rock has physical and chemical behaviors that make it different from other rocks; one of the properties of rock salt is the release of negative ions from its surface. Just as hydrogen bonds make water unique among all liquids, the release of negative ions by rock salt makes it unique among all other rocks. Today, quantum science, modern biology, and bio resonance have proven that the abundance of negative ions in space balances the bipolar electromagnetic field of the human brain. This phenomenon creates calmness, expansion of mind and tangible vitality in people who are exposed to the spraying of negative ions. A similar condition in nature is the relaxation of humans when they are near the beach, waterfall or desert, which is because of the abundance of negative ions (which have been introduced in scientific articles as air vitamins) existed in these places.

AnaHit salt lampshades pdf

AnaHit salt lampshades

The importance of the abundance of negative ions in the environment becomes important to you when you know that the human brain normally produces waves at a speed of 8 Hz; Meanwhile, in the modern world and the age of technology today, the waves produced by electrical and electromagnetic equipment such as televisions, computer equipment, mobile phones, satellites, the Internet, etc. are about 100 to 160 Hz. As can be seen, the brain is exposed to waves about 12 to 20 times its normal frequency, which results in nervousness, Lack of sleep, insomnia, decreased concentration, fatigue, decreased energy levels, stress, anxiety, irritability, weakness, The immune system as well as the creation of blood pressure from nervous stress for modern man in the present age; In addition to the accumulation of positive ions in the environment, a stream of free radicals are created that can lead to cancer in the body. On the other hand, the spaces of homes and offices are subconsciously designed in such a way that the least fresh air and negative ions enter them! The windows have been chosen small and the air pollution and the high traffic of electromagnetic waves in the metropolises have filled the air outside the house even with positive ions.