AnaHit Edible Salts

Iran has very pure and unique edible salts. For example, the purity of some Iranian salts is over 99%. Some of them are crystalline and very transparent. Some of these salts, which have been located near springs and fountains for centuries, contain all the salts of springs and fountains, and also some other Iranian salts have healing properties and are used in the pharmaceutical industry. One of the most unique ones, which is unique in the whole world and as it has been written in scientific articles, it took about six hundred million years to form in the depths of the earth, is “Persian Blue Salt” which due to having appropriate amounts of potassium, improves the function of the body’s biological system as well as strengthening the immune system as well as improving the function of the thyroid gland and even regulating blood pressure is very effective.

Laboratory Methods to Identify AnaHit Salt Quality

In order to ensure the purity of salt from heavy metals and other impurities (such as sulfate and phosphate, etc.), “atomic absorption” methods can be used; Also, to determine the percentage of purity, titration or potentiometric methods can be used, which are much more accurate than titration. XRD (X-ray Diffraction) and ICP (inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectroscopy) spectroscopy methods can also be used

Types of AnaHit Edible Salts