AnaHit Salt Tray

Add extra sizzling salty flavor Taste to all your meals Meat, Fish, Vegetables, seafood and more. Enjoy the naturally delicious taste of Persian Salt with the Persian Salt Block and Salt Block Holder set. Persian Salt Blocks impart their flavor to food, making them great for cooking directly on your stovetop or BBQ Grill or in the refrigerator, then use the Holder to safely transport your Salt Block to the table.

The Salt Block Holder is made out of high quality stainless steel that provides the sturdy support and protection to extend your Salt Block’s life, It works as a frame to keep the salt slab pieces together, so you can keep on grilling, The Quality Holder Extends Life of Salt rock Plate through easy handling.

Natural AnaHit salt block with its stainless steel holder

Persian Salt’s natural crystals also enhance food presentation, making it suitable for serving chilled food. Place Salt Block in the Holder, refrigerate for an hour or two and use it as a serving plate. Whether hot or cold, Persian Salt tiles hold temperatures effectively (up to 500°F). Impress your guests and yourself with an all-natural serving dish.

Unlike all those hard to clean cutting boards, given the salt blocks natural properties the salt disinfects themselves and is cleaned by simply wiping it with a wet cloth, and let the air dry it.

Natural AnaHit salt block (Dimension: 30*20*5 cm)