Salt rock blocks that are extracted from different mines have streaks of different colors. colors of these blocks are very beautiful and eye-catching even without any lighting from behind the walls. The appearance of white, snow, yellow, red, crimson, pink, green, etc. is trully magnificent together. The diversity of these colors is due to the complexes of intermediate metals in industrial salt rock, which show that Iran’s salt mines are rich in these metals; Watching the delightful and pleasant rainbow of salt rock blocks is a pure manifestation of the beauty of nature that looks interesting and beautiful for everyone.

The material and density of salt blocks is very important in the strength of salt structures; Choosing the highest quality and strongest stones requires specific knowledge, expertise and of course own experience and skills. An expert team including of miners and lithologists, by examining the types of mines, selects the best type of stone to be implemented that must be resistant to physical pressure, must be capable of withstand a lot of heat depending the tolerance of the constructures lighting, and must be the type of little moisture.

The beauty of color and light

Salt rock blocks pass light non-uniformly through themselves, which adds beauty to final job; because of the presence of scattered a bit of silica and lime in their structure that do not pass light, these blocks seems light and bold or light shade, which when combined with colored streaks in the blocks, It shows a very special and strange state of a light wall.

From among the different colors of the blocks themselves, the color of the light behind the walls and the different lighting modes can also be varied and can be changed with the remote control; You can have a full range of lights in different colors behind the walls at any speed you like. on the one hand, people who want to set the color of the walls with their decoration can choose the desired color between different colors; on the other hand, this possibility can be very attractive for people who are looking for variety and are bored of monotony, Because they can change the color of the lighting whenever they want by pushing a button.; Another thing is that in memorable ceremonies and parties, you can enjoy the light dance behind the walls.