One of the most beautiful perspectives of human exploration in the development of modern sciences is the adaptation and coordination of new discoveries with the foundations of ancient sciences and experimental and correct human achievements in ancient times without their access to modern knowledge and technology.

Both the different experiences of the ancient sciences and the different new knowledge and technologies prove that all beings and objects in the world of creation affect each other in some way.

Due to the originality of man’s relationship with nature and its effect on the health of his body and soul, structures of nature can be very useful and effective in creating peace and good feeling in humans.

Just as hydrogen bonds make water unique among all liquids, the release of negative ions by rock salt makes it unique among all other rocks. The abundance of negative ions in the environment can have an high effect on the magnetism of the human brain and create a state of calm and vitality in humans.

Salt walls or salt rooms made of rock salt, such as what you see in wooden or thatched buildings, can rejuvenate the worn-out connection of modern human with nature compared to concrete and stone buildings.

To enjoy the salty environment and its positive energy, as before, you do not need to travel long distances during the day (and not at night) and be in the mines. Relying on new technology, such an environment can be created at home and you can rest and relax at any time; And even people who have never been able to attend the mines (infants, the elderly, the sick, etc.) can easily use these spaces.