Some branches of modern science that study the vital energies of all objects and phenomena in the universe and are very much in line with Eastern sciences (Oriental wisdom, temperament, yoga, etc.) have proven The high level of vital energy of salt, such as the vital energy of the sun, can give humans significant energy. Prana or life force is one of the concepts in Oriental medicine and yoga, which refers to the energy taken from the sun and the connection of the cosmic elements around the sun. In the topics of ethics of Bu Ali Sina medicine in Iran, all objects, human mental states and everything that exists in the universe have their own temperament, and in the logic of this science, the closer the temperaments of phenomena and objects are, Harmony and coordination of physical energies will be more and better. In the culture of the science of the sun, salt, the appearance of a state of vitality in man, peace, love, happiness, hope, etc. are all hot and dry and the so-called biliary science, and if man is in a salty environment, due to agreement His temperament, the amount of mental and spiritual energy will increase greatly.

Building a salt room according to the client’s taste can be very diverse and different depending on the budget, type of taste, how to use and also the purpose of having a salt space. Sometimes people have a taste of having a luxury and modern salt room, and sometimes their taste is to use a traditional salt room with the aim of salt Therapeutic and optimal use of all salt room spaces. The floor of the salt room can be different coatings of salt depending on the taste of the employer or it can be sold with another material. The color of the stones, the type of lighting, the adjustment of the room temperature, the equipment of the room and even the type of substructure of the room before construction, all depend on the taste and order of the client.

Of course, the executive team will provide free and specialized consultations to the employer before the performance by examining and expertizing the desired environment; For example, it may be interesting to some that walking on rough surfaces made of salt is the most ideal type of foot massage; Because exactly the weight of the body is pressed to the sole of the foot by the person himself! Because there are so many nerves in the soles of the feet, most of which are frozen and dry, because most of the blood is usually concentrated in the soles of the feet due to gravity, walking on bumps softens those nerves. And will bring a lot of peace. While the nature of salt was hot and dry and can remove cold and moisture from the depths of the foot and cause warming and freezing of thick blood in the sole of the foot. Therefore, walking on the roughness of salt particles has an extraordinary effect on – first softening and then eliminating – abnormal blood soda and purifies the blood and also accelerates blood circulation and oxygenation to tissues, especially the brain. In this way, the pleasant and relaxing state that is created in the person who is in the salt room is doubled.